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We’re so glad you found us. All are welcome!

Why not invite a friend or two to join you on Journey? You might meet once a week for coffee to discuss what you’re learning and pray for each other.

Do you want to…

   know God better?
   be consistent in Bible reading?
   understand the big story of the Bible?
   learn to enjoy conversations with God through prayer?

Then join us on Journey – a practical, doable Bible reading plan with daily Bible readings, fascinating informative videos, and weekly journal sheets.

You can read the entire Bible, and we’re here to help, step-by-step, on your life-transforming Journey.

What is Journey?  We are a community of people reading through the Bible every day.  We’ll read the whole Bible, learning how to have conversations with God and letting the Word transform us.

Despite good intentions, it can be tough to consistently be in God’s Word.  We’ve learned ways to make that time more impactful – and we’ll be sharing them with you.

Read our three-part introduction before you begin.

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