Please let us know if you have more questions you’d like us to answer.

How do I bookmark this site to find it easily every day?
Bookmark the homepage (JourneyEveryday.com) so you can easily find your daily readings.

If you need help creating a bookmark, please click here and find your browser for instructions.

On an iPhone, go to JourneyEveryday.com; select the “share” icon on your phone and then “Add to Home Screen.”  You may need to select “Add” at the top of your screen or “Done” at the bottom.  You’ll see a box on your phone’s screen with “J” for Journey.

How do I sign up for Journey? Is there a cost?

There is no “sign up.” Simply visit the homepage at JourneyEveryday.com every day and follow the instructions.
Because we want to encourage Bible engagement, we offer Journey free for everyone.

How does Journey work each day?

You can join our community anytime, using the readings on our most recent post.  In about 22 months we’ll have read the entire Bible.

Use our Journey Journal or print the journal page at the top of the current week’s post.  Fold your journal page in half; keep it handy right in your Bible.  Next week, we’ll post a new reading schedule.  Print out a new journal sheet and store your old one in a file folder.

Here’s what you’ll do each day:

• Listen/read/underline:  Listen to the audio version (we link to a free internet version) while reading from your Bible.  You’ll be surprised how much more you understand and retain by combining reading and hearing.  As you read, underline words that especially speak to you.  Be an active listener and don’t let your mind wander.  The sections you underline will help you formulate your thoughts later.  Don’t get lost in every little detail, and don’t expect to remember or understand everything.  Listen for the story, the big picture, and what it tells you about God’s character.

• Journal:  The Bible is God’s part of the conversation.  He is speaking to you.  Now it’s your turn.  Write your side of the conversation, your thoughts to God, using the journal page we provide each week.  Prayer is not a formula or something complicated.  It’s talking with God.  Don’t try to make it sound profound or perfect.  Be you—that’s who God wants to talk with—the real you.

What Bible version is used?
You may read any version of the Bible.  Each day’s audio link takes you to Bible Gateway and the day’s passage from the NIV.   You can switch there to any audio version.

How can I share the memes on social media?
Our memes may be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

On a PC, hover your cursor over the image. Four icons will appear in the upper right corner of the image. Click the appropriate icon to share the meme. You will be asked to sign in if you have not done so already.

On a mobile device, tap the image. Four icons will appear. Click the appropriate icon to share the meme. You will be asked to sign in if you have not done so already.

In what order do we read the Bible?
We’ll switch between Old Testament and New Testament books, usually reading an entire book in sequence.  Longer books such as Genesis may be split into parts.

We’ll read the Old Testament books in chronological, historical order – the order that the events occurred.

New Testament books are interspersed all year, so you don’t have to wait until the last few months and then read all of them in one big chunk.  They are read primarily in the order they appear in the Bible, but the four accounts about Jesus – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – are spread out through Journey.

Saturdays and Sundays you will usually read Psalms or a chapter from Proverbs (beginning when we study Solomon).

How long is Journey?
Journey is designed for 20 minutes a day, sometimes a bit less. Weekends are shorter.  In about 22 months you’ll read the entire Bible.  (When we finish Revelation we will cycle back to Genesis, so you won’t miss anything even if you start in the middle.)

What if I get behind?
If you are only a few days behind, spend extra time on the weekend to get caught up for the week.  Weekend readings are much lighter so you have more time then.  If you get more than a day or two behind, don’t give up! Good news!  We’re about the relationship with God, not checking all the boxes.

Declare yourself caught up and begin again with the current week.  Give yourself mercy and grace!

Do I have to read first thing in the morning?
We generally suggest first thing in the morning because days can just get so busy.  But another time might be better for you.  Busy moms with young children might do Journey first thing when the kids are down for their naps or settled in their rooms for quiet book time.  Those rushing to work in the mornings might find early evening a more consistent time.  You have freedom to find the time that works best for you.

Can you give me more ideas of how to journal my conversations with God?
We have found Donald Whitney’s thoughts on Praying the Bible very helpful and have scheduled his short videos throughout Journey.  Here is a complete list you can watch anytime:

Day 1 – Psalm 23

Day 2 – Psalm 37

Day 3 – Psalm 67

Day 4 – 1 Thessalonians 2

Day 5 – John 5

6 Reasons to Pray the Bible

Technical help with an iPhone.
If your phone goes to sleep and stops after the first chapter is read:
Press the home button when a chapter ends.  It will take you back to the Bible Gateway page.  Wait a short time and the next chapter will begin automatically. 

Or press the home button a bit early, near the end of a chapter.  It will wake up your phone and keep reading the next chapter.

I'm having problems using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft has developed Edge to replace the popular Internet Explorer browser on newer devices.  With advances in design, many websites have moved beyond the capabilities of Internet Explorer.  The Journey website is incompatible with Internet Explorer due to these factors and will not appear correctly on your screen.  The links are functional but the visual experience will be very different compared to other browsers.  Unfortunately, as this is an issue with Microsoft, we are unable to correct this problem.

We have also experienced formatting difficulties when using Edge to access Journey.  As with Internet Explorer, the site will not appear correctly on your screen and the visual experience will be very different compared to other browsers.  We are working with developers to correct this issue.  In the meantime, you might consider viewing Journey using Google’s Chrome browser or Firefox as an alternative.