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Welcome to Journey!

Our mission is to equip and encourage others to “see the world through God’s eyes and live according to that knowledge.”

We are passionate about the Bible. While serving eight years in Siberia and Moscow in Bible translation, we saw first-hand that God’s Word is the only hope for true life.  Our heart’s desire is that someday soon all people would be able to read of God’s love in their own language.  And so we help support Bible translation through partners such as God’s Word for the Nations.

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Because the Bible is the foundation of all wisdom, we have developed My Father’s World, a complete homeschool and Christian school curriculum (preschool – high school) combining biblical wisdom, classical education, Charlotte Mason’s ideas, and an international focus with sound educational principles.

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Our team is excited to provide Journey so that you can grow in knowing God. Let the adventure begin … as you enjoy daily life-transforming conversations with the One who loves you most.

For the King and His Kingdom,
Marie and the Journey team