How Journey Works

Let’s be honest. Reading the Bible isn’t easy. You may have even tried before. But like most of us, after a few weeks, you found out it was tough to be consistent. And how do you stay on track in such a huge endeavor? Here’s what we’ve included to help:

  • insightful short videos to explain those confusing Old Testament books and help you see the Bible as one connected story
  • daily scheduled readings with audio links – listen while reading from your own Bible
  • weekly journaling sheets to keep you on track
  • practical help in learning to talk with God (journaling your prayers)

This isn’t just a checkbox daily Bible reading plan. We’re not just completing a reading assignment! This is about a relationship. You’ll spend time every day with the One who loves you best, learning how to have real conversations with Him.

What’s the Daily Plan?

Here’s what you will do every day:

  1. Listen/read/underline: Listen to the audio version (we link to a free internet version) while reading from your Bible. You’ll be surprised how much more you understand and retain by combining reading and hearing.  As you read, underline words that especially speak to you. Be an active listener and don’t let your mind wander. The sections you underline will help you formulate your thoughts later. Don’t get lost in every little detail, and don’t expect to remember or understand everything. Listen for the story, the big picture, and what it tells you about God’s character.
  1. Journal: The Bible is God’s part of the conversation. He is speaking to you. Then it’s your turn. You’ll write your side of the conversation, your thoughts to God, using the journal page we provide. Prayer is not a formula or something complicated. It’s talking with God. Don’t try to make it sound profound or perfect. Be you—that’s who God wants to talk with—the real you.

 Ready to Begin?

Watch this video: You might wonder what to write in your journal, in your conversation with God. I often use His words from that day’s reading. It’s really powerful. Watch this video for a five-minute example of “praying the Bible.” Don’t worry; your prayers don’t need to be this long!

Listen/read/underline and journal: After the video, find a pen and your Bible, click on the audio link below, and give it a try! Read Psalm 23 from your own Bible while listening to the link, marking words that speak to you. Then on a sheet of paper, journal your thoughts to God using words and concepts from Psalm 23.

Audio:  Audio links are set to NIV; after you click on the link, change versions if needed to match what you are reading. And since you’ll usually read more than one chapter, check “Continuous play” and leave it checked.

Now What?
  • Every day, go to our Today’s Journey Post page for your scheduled reading. Bookmark it for your convenience.
  • Use our Journey Journal or print the journal page for the week. Fold your journal page in half; keep it handy right in your Bible, and store it in a folder when completed.
  • You’ll join our community in the week we’re all reading together. We’ll cycle back to Genesis when we finish Revelation. Plan to use the two-step method each day: Listen/read/underline and journal.

More questions? See our FAQ.

Anticipating an amazing Journey,


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