Week 39


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2 Samuel 6-9 and Psalm 21 – Listen as you read in your Bible, underlining or highlighting sections that especially speak to you. Then use those sections to journal your thoughts to God.  In today’s reading, God promises David that the Messiah, the Future King (Jesus), will come from his line – “Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.” (2 Samuel 7:16)


2 Samuel 10-12 and Psalm 51 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Psalm 51 – based on Psalm 51

If you have time, watch this video about biblical poetry. About 1/3 of the Bible is poetry.


2 Samuel 13-14 and Psalm 36 – Listen/read and journal. In today’s reading, and in this psalm, we see the effects of the wicked, who speak deceitfully and plot evil. But the psalm contrasts this with praise, remembering the great love and righteousness of our God.


2 Samuel 15-16 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Psalm 3 – A psalm of David. When he fled from his son Absalom.


Psalm 55 and 2 Samuel 17-18 – Listen/read and journal. Matthew Henry’s Commentary suggests that in Psalm 55:9, 13 David is asking God to “confuse the wicked” and “confound [the] speech” of Ahithophel, his former friend and advisor, who betrayed him and is now advising Absalom. Today in 2 Samuel 17:14 we read how the LORD does this – Ahithophel’s treason-filled advice is ignored.


Use this video to pray for Argentina.

Song: Psalm 19


Song: Psalm 63