April 24-30


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You might wonder why Chronicles, a review of history from Adam to King Cyrus, is scheduled now. Chronicles was written at the time we are now reading about – after the rebuilding of Jerusalem, to remind the Jews of their history and how God had His hand on them. Now that they have returned to Israel, will they keep their Jewish identity? Will they remember their special relationship to God? Chronicles looks back at Israel’s history so that the exiles remember who they are and how God has dealt with them, and can look expectantly to the future for the Messiah.

1 Chronicles 1-2 –Listen as you read in your Bible, underlining or highlighting sections that especially speak to you. Then use those sections to journal your thoughts to God.


1 Chronicles 3-5 –Listen/read and journal. For most of us, genealogies don’t seem important, but in some cultures even today genealogies are highly treasured and provide more validity to Scripture. As you read through the lists, try to remember key events for names you recognize. Also focus on the inserted information, such as in 4:9-10 today, and think about why it was important enough to include.

Song: He Knows My Name – Every name, including yours, is important to God


1 Chronicles 6-7 –Listen/read and journal.

Song: You Know My Name – (For lyrics, click on subtitles/closed captions.) The first video is the story behind the song.


1 Chronicles 8-10 –Listen/read and journal.


1 Chronicles 11-13 –Listen/read and journal.


Use this video to pray for Sweden.

Proverbs 31 –Listen/read and journal.


Psalm 18, a psalm of David –Listen/read and journal.

But God [Psalm 18]