Begin Here – Spiritual Growth

Do you ever get a longing deep down inside to know God better? What would a life-transforming journey of spiritual growth look like?

A Christian organization, Back to the Bible, did extensive research to determine the answer to an important question: How do we connect with God and grow? They discovered that whether someone is growing depends on one factor: Not church attendance. Not joining a small group. Those are good things, but they aren’t the key.

People who are growing spiritually engage the Bible four or more times a week. They consistently do three things:

-read or listen to the Bible

-reflect on it

-respond in some way

Bible engagement four or more times a week is the key to growth. But how can we be consistent?

We’ve got a plan for you – Journey: Life-Transforming Conversations with God. If you’ve read this far, we’re pretty sure you want to know God better. We’ll help you consistently engage with the Bible and grow in your relationship with God.

Journey is a practical, doable daily Bible reading plan. But it’s more than that. It’s about relationship – a way to know God better. In 20 minutes a day, you’ll read and listen to the Bible and learn to enjoy life-transforming conversations with Him. We’ll help you, step by step. Our three-part introduction will familiarize you with our methods.

After you finish these three posts, visit our blog first thing each day.  We’ll read through the Bible – together. After you listen and read, you’ll journal your thoughts to God. This will be your part of the conversation, your reflecting and responding time.


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P.S. If you’re curious, this short video shows the research about spiritual growth. Stop at 2:17 after you hear “Put those three together and you’ve got yourself a change sandwich.” The rest of it describes a specific method we won’t be using, but the video powerfully applies to Bible engagement in general.