Introduction #1: Begin Here – Spiritual Growth

Do you ever get a longing deep down inside to know God better? What would a life-transforming journey of spiritual growth look like?

A Christian organization, Back to the Bible, did extensive research to determine: How do we connect with God and grow? They discovered that whether someone is growing depends on one factor: Not church attendance. Not joining a small group. Those are good things, but they aren’t the key.

People who are growing spiritually engage the Bible four or more times a week. They consistently do three things:

-read or listen to the Bible

-reflect on it

-respond in some way

Bible engagement four or more times a week is the key to growth. But how can we be consistent?

We’ve got a plan for you – Journey: Life-Transforming Conversations with God. We’ll help you consistently engage with the Bible and grow in your relationship with God.

Journey is about relationship – a way to know God better. In 20 minutes a day, you’ll read and listen to the Bible then journal your thoughts to God. We’ll read through the entire Bible in about 22 months.

Before you begin, read: Introduction #2 Make a Plan.


P.S. If you’re curious, this short video shows the research about spiritual growth. Stop at 2:17 after you hear “Put those three together and you’ve got yourself a change sandwich.” The rest of it describes a specific method we won’t be using, but the video powerfully applies to Bible engagement in general.

Go to: Introduction #2 Make a Plan.