Introduction #2: Make a Plan

We often feel pulled in every direction. Overwhelmed. So many people “need” us all the time! So I’d like to offer a bit of advice you’ve probably heard before:

First put on your own oxygen mask; then you can help those around you.

Why? Only by receiving oxygen – a life-giving necessity – can we help others. It’s not selfish to find time to sit in peace with God and read His Word and share your heart with Him. It’s your life! You need Him, just like you need oxygen.

I know you have much to do. Martin Luther said, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”

I’m not suggesting three hours! But what if we say, “I have so much to do that I will spend the first 20 minutes alone with God.”

It’s worth finding a time each day to sit with God and listen so you can meet the day’s challenges with wisdom and peace. Journey will help you connect with God and “just breathe.”

Why not invite one or more friends to Journey with you? Traveling companions are great for accountability and our need for community. How about meeting for coffee each week – sharing insights, favorite passages from the week, cares, prayers, and encouragement.

You will need a Bible to underline or highlight. Journey uses the NIV (New International Version) Bible but you can use your preferred version.

Here’s your first assignment: Make a plan.

Decide when and where you will do Journey 20 minutes a day. You will need access to the Internet via your computer or cell phone.

Now make a back-up plan. What if your ideal time or location doesn’t work? How can you make Journey work in your life situation?  Is lunch or before bed a workable backup time? You might decide to engage in Journey first every day before other social media.

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Thankful for Oxygen,


P.S. This music video, “Just Breathe,” shows the importance of taking time to connect with God.

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