Week 15


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This video reviews last week’s reading and introduces today’s.

Watch a video clip:

Acts 7 – Listen as you read in your Bible, underlining or highlighting sections that especially speak to you. Then use those sections to journal your thoughts to God.

Song: Christ Our Hope in Life or Death


Watch 3 video clips:

Acts 8 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Spirit Lead Me – Is there something God has said to your heart that you are ignoring?


WED – Watch 2 video clips:

Acts 9 – Listen/read and journal. Saul asked, “Who are you, Lord?” and his life was never the same. Who do you say Jesus is? How does that change your life?

Song: Living Hope


Watch 3 video clips:

Acts 10-11 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Revelation Song in Nine Languages (Join in on the chorus.) – Peter realized that the good news was not just for Jews, but for all nations. How are you reaching out beyond your familiar comfort zone?


Watch 2 video clips:

Acts 12 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Warrior – The church in Acts is a praying church. When they need God to intervene, when they see something that isn’t right, they respond by praying to their all-powerful Lord, the Creator. What are you committed to pray for at this time?


Watch this video and pray for Yemen.

Psalm 27 – Listen/read and journal. God doesn’t want us to fear; He is our Light and our Salvation.

Song: Peace – Because God is our Light and our Salvation, we don’t need to fear. He gives us peace.


Psalm 28 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: My Feet Are on the Rock – Our safe place is standing on the Rock.