Easter Week

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Print Journal Page (or use Journey Journal) Optional this week. You might prefer to just watch and interact with the video.

Instead of reading this week, you’ll be listening and watching the Bible!

Since it’s almost Easter, we’ll spend the whole week remembering Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We’ll watch a 3-hour video of the entire book of John, verse-by-verse (The Gospel of John, Visual Bible).

You might invite your whole family to watch with you. Think about the best way to watch, and then make a plan. It’s probably too lengthy to watch all in one sitting. One option: Watch about 30 minutes a day. Plan to watch the betrayal/death of Jesus on Friday, nothing on Saturday (the disciples had to wait for the good news), and the Resurrection/end of video on Easter Sunday.

John is free for viewing or download at the Jesus film site HERE.

If you prefer to purchase the video, you may do so HERE.

If you prefer something different, you might watch the “Jesus Film” this week, HERE.

Optional: Any time this week, watch videos about the book of John.

This video starts midstream.

John is also free for viewing HERE.

He is risen!