Week 19


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Leviticus can be a tough book to read. The insights in this video are really helpful for understanding it.

Leviticus 1-4 – Listen as you read in your Bible, underlining or highlighting sections that especially speak to you. Then use those sections to journal your thoughts to God.

Song: Holy Water – God offers us forgiveness, His grace, because of Jesus the Lamb of God.


Leviticus 5-7 – Listen/read and journal.

Are you wondering how to journal this section? Here’s what I did: While reading I looked for the big picture and didn’t get bogged down in all the little details. I marked “unfaithful to the LORD by sinning” (Lev.5:15) and “sins and is unfaithful” (6:2) and I wrote in the margin “seriousness of sin.”

My journal entry: LORD, You are a God of relationship. “Unfaithful” and “faithful” are relationship words. You want relationship with me! But when I sin, I am unfaithful to You. Thank you for seeking me and giving me a way, even when I sin, to have a relationship with you.

Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness


Leviticus 8-10 – Listen/read and journal.

Song: Holy Holy Holy (God with Us)

If you have time, read this post about “Mercy.”


Watch this video about Moses and Aaron.

Leviticus 11-13 – Listen/read and journal.


Leviticus 14-15 – Listen/read and journal.


Watch this video and pray for Azerbaijan.

Psalm 38 – Listen/read and journal.


Psalm 39 – Listen/read and journal.